When to Visit an Emergency Dentist

young woman holding her mouth in pain with a dental emergency

Maybe, you have a toothache or chipped a tooth, or maybe you just lost a permanent tooth. At Caring Smiles, serving Fort Collins, CO and the general vicinity, we want you to understand what issues need to be addressed immediately and which ones can wait for a standard dental appointment.

Lost Tooth

Decay and injuries can cause you to lose a tooth. This classifies as a dental emergency. If you don’t seek out the care of a dental practitioner in a certain amount of time, we can’t place your tooth back in the socket.

Try placing the tooth back in the socket without touching the tooth’s root. If that doesn’t work, you should place the tooth in milk or saline to preserve it until you get to our office. Either way, you should seek out emergency care, so you don’t lose the tooth completely.

Cracked or Broken Tooth

While a small chip or tiny crack aren’t emergencies, a tooth that has a large crack or breaks is an emergency. It doesn’t take long for food particles to get stuck and decay to set in. Root exposure as a result of a crack or broken tooth could cause you a great deal of pain and leave you susceptible to a serious infection.

Severe Oral Bleeding

A little blood when you brush or floss could indicate that you have a gingivitis or gum disease, which we can address at a routine appointment. However, if you have severe bleeding that doesn’t subside, it’s vital to contact our dentist for an emergency visit.

Severe Toothache

If you only have a minor toothache, it doesn’t require emergency care. However, a serious toothache could indicate an issue with the tooth’s root, such as an abscess. Unfortunately, an abscess can break, and the infection can spread to your jaw or even throughout the rest of your body, causing a major emergency known as sepsis.

Severe Swelling

Severe swelling of your gums or visible swelling in your cheeks, especially if it’s accompanied by pain, may mean that you have an abscess. This infection can worsen quickly and won’t go away on its own.

Contact Us for Dental Emergiencies

If you experience any of the aforementioned problems, it warrants an emergency dental visit with Caring Smiles, serving Fort Collins, CO and the surrounding area. Contact us today at:

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We can take care of dental emergencies!