Selfie Tips For Stunning Smiles


With the rise in popularity of camera phones has come the cultural phenomenon known as the “selfie.” 

By this point we are well accustomed to many of those around us raising their arms out at length, finding the perfect light, and capturing the moment in a selfie. 

As a local dental practice, we at Caring Smiles see our fair share of smiles on and off the screens of our devices. We have taken the time to compile our list of “selfie smile tips” to help you achieve a perfect smile for your selfie.

  1. Lighting –
    One of the best ways you can immediately improve your photos and highlight your smile is by being intentional with your lighting. Find where the light source is most prominent, face towards the light source, and as much as possible utilize natural lighting. Artificial lighting for selfies can lead to weird angles and shadows which negatively impact the overall quality of the photo.   
  2. Quantity Leads To Quality –
    Most of the time our dentists will recommend less than more (sweets, caffeine, ) But when it comes to selfie photos capturing a large quantity will give you more images to choose from.
    Bonus tip! Turn on your “Live Photo” mode for the option to select the perfect smile that matches the moment. 
  3. Smile Light, Smile Right –
    A perfect selfie wouldn’t be complete without an excellent smile to compliment it. But don’t overthink it! Relax your facial expressions and allow yourself to offer a genuine smile.
    A great smile starts with great personal dental care. If you are committed to your oral health and are looking for an even brighter smile – Caring Smiles offers a variety of cosmetic dental services including teeth whitening services. We make it enjoyable and easy for you to complete your perfect selfie smile. 

Here are more tips from Doctor Allen for getting a whiter smile at home!

We hope these tips have inspired you to try out something new and improved during your next memorable moment! If you are looking for a new dental office to care for your perfect selfie smile give us a call. We love working with new clients who love their smiles as much as we do. 

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